Updating Your House: Winter to Spring Transition

Say goodbye to your snowy white surroundings, and say hello to the bright rays of Mr. Sunshine! The sun is out! Spring’s back! With the warm weather heating up the grounds, now is the time to open the windows, head outdoors, and make the most out of the warm temperature. As you prepare yourself for the summer, it is also vital to prepare your house as well. Embrace the spring season through some minor cost-friendly updates for your house. Here are some ideas to get you through.

Outdoor Dining Area

With the sun shining brightly in the blue velvet sky, it’s enticing to bring everything outside. It will be such a shame not to use that sunlight, which barely lasts for a year. Before it’s gone, head out and update your patio by bringing out some outdoor tables and chairs where you and your friends can grab some dinner. Decorate your table with two rows of stylish plates with a long row of decorative garlands and pastel candles in the middle. Complete the look by hanging some lights over your patio ceiling to add a dramatic atmosphere. You can also add some cushions and rugs if you desire to incorporate a bohemian outdoor look.

Colors and Lighting

Aside from updating your outdoor area, improving your interiors is also a must. Focusing on your house paint condition is a good way to start. Preferably, examine both the exterior and interior paints of your house as the winter season often causes paints to chip off. Now that its summer, painting walls, even the exterior wall, can be easily accomplished with the sun helping you to dry up the paint. Explore new colors to enhance the overall look of your house. Aside from this, maximize the sunlight by opening up the windows. Better yet, let the natural sunlight enter your house by installing skylights. It can be in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, or any place that you desire. Apart from keeping your house well lit, the natural light incorporates the summery vibe in your home. If you find it hard to paint the exterior and interior walls and install some skylights, you can contact home renovation Melbourne experts to help you with your house updates.

Bedding and Curtains

With the warm temperature, you do not need those thick beddings. Tuck your thick bedding away and replace them with linens to keep you comfortable throughout the summer season. Prevent excessive sweating from thick beddings this summer. You can also use the soft and cozy cotton sheets aside from linens. This will keep you cool under covers despite the warm summer temperature. Furthermore, let the natural light enter your house by updating your window covers. Remove those thick and heavy draperies and replace them with lighter draperies. Invite the bright light and warm air by using lightweight sheers.

Enjoy the summer season while it lasts. Updating your house to fit in the season will make you appreciate summer more. Although updating can be a tedious job, note that summer comes only once a year so be sure to make it worthwhile.