Trends in the Future for Recruitment in the Building and Construction Industry

Australia’s construction industry is set to experience a rise of almost 3% in regards to employment over the latter half of 2016. This trend is expected to continue into 2017, with infrastructure, building and construction projects set to drive demand for a wide range of specialities across the sector. Specifically, the need for people in positions including project architects, civil and structural engineers, drafters, design managers and interior designers has seen 60,000 jobs added in the last two years, a figure that is sure to be surpassed in the next two.


How this will impact the industry around the country

Each Australian state has a unique economy, with strengths in a range of industries. This means that the increase rates will differ from state-to-state, with a unique impact being felt in each.


Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland

The eastern seaboard dominates the construction industry in Australia, with the greater areas of the major metropolitan capitals – Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – driving the property market and increasing the number of houses being built. These three states account for almost three quarters of construction employment in Australia, making them the places to be when looking for work in building and construction.


North Queensland and Western Australia

Once the lands of unprecedented mining riches, these areas are no longer the boom areas they once were. While employment rates are still expected to rise across both regions, they won’t be at the same stratospheric rates that were experienced in the 00s. Western Australia will regain any lost ground as they develop their infrastructure and diversify their economy to reduce their reliance on mining.


Australian Capital Territory and South Australia

Both states are experiencing a boom in residential building. Canberra’s high density zoning means that there is a demand for high-rise apartment construction. This means that Adelaide and Canberra are experiencing increasing demand for site managers, senior managers, and a range of technical roles.



Australia loves its construction industry and the dream of owning a home is a major driver for the entire sector. Coupled with nationwide growth across a range of other sectors, the building and construction industry can be relied on for further employment opportunities. This is promising news for current and future apprentices and those undertaking VET courses, ensuring they will enter a strong, expanding industry when they complete their studies.