Top Kitchen Remodelling Tips for You to Try Out

Remodelling your kitchen can be another exciting project or a nightmare if you do not know the basics. Here are some great tips for you to try out during your next kitchen makeover.

Think About All Those Wasted Miles

Think twice about how and where exactly you use and store you kitchen items. If you can map the exact movements that you make around your current kitchen you can get a better idea as to where and howtostore the kitchen equipment and food as well. Keep the plastic containers and the wraps in one place near the work place. This provides room to move around and wrap the leftover food. Place the dishware near the dishwasher in order to ease up the process of unloading the washed kitchenware.

DesignGreat, Broad Walkways

The walkways that snake through the kitchen have to be at least 36-40 inches wide. Also paths that arelocated within the cooking zone must be at least 42 inches wide for a kitchen with one cook. And if it is a two-cook kitchen go ahead with 48 inches. You can communicate these ideas to the professionals that specialize in kitchen renovations Melbourne. Although they might already know, make sure you remind them to adjust the kitchen island and the peninsular accordingly.

Directingthe Traffic inside the Kitchen

If you are looking for great kid-friendly designs, remember to keep the cooktop area with minimal traffic so that the kids would not touch the hot handles or spill the hot liquids on themselves. Make the refrigerator easy to access to both passers by and those who are working in the kitchen.

Find the Right Height for the Microwave

The ideal height for the location of the microwave depends on the height of the chef and how kid-friendly the kitchen is. For adults, 15 inches above the countertop is ideal while for kids, a below-countertop formation could be perfect.

Stay Clear of the Corners

Plan the space for the clearance of the door and its swinging direction when you are planning the kitchen layout as well. Keep the appliances away from all the corners and ensure that the doors would not bang into each other or open at the same time.

Define the Function of the Island

When considering the kitchen islands, one thing to make sure about is its function. And that the form follows the function. If you wish to cook and eat on the kitchen island, make sure you keep enough space so that the cooktop is separated safely from the dining area.

Plan the Landing Space

Remember to allow around 15 inches on the countertop on each side of the cooktop as well as the refrigerator, when you put down the basics of the design of your kitchen. It is also important to leave landing space near the microwave.

Pay Attention to Countertops

Those who engage in cooking often might require more counter space, especially between the range and the sink area. Consider the idea of incorporating two countertop heights that makes the baking easy and help the kids reach the half cooked delicacies as well.