Tips for Using Natural Light to Enhance Your Home to Your Advantage

If your home receives plenty of natural light, then it’s as though you’ve won the jackpot! Sunlight can be used to your advantage in almost any part of your home, enhancing your home to its best light. Here are a few ways that they do so.

Trick of the Light: Enlargement of Your Home

Buying the home of your dreams, in the size and shape that you fantasize, in the location that you want: these are not always possible for most of us. More often than not, we need to heed to practicality and sacrifice one or the other on our wish list in order to meet our needs. However, if an open and large home is what you always wanted, don’t despair if your current home is quite small in size. Instead, use a few simple tricks to make your home appear larger than it actually is with the help of natural light! Use mirrors as your tool to spread out whatever natural light your home receives, carefully placing them so sunlight bounces off their surface and floods your home with light.

Calling it in or Keeping it Out of the Bedroom

Your bedroom is your private heaven, and designing it according to your needs and wants is primary. If you are someone who enjoys waking up to bright sunlight each morning, basking in the glow of the morning light, then install light drapes that allow you your privacy. But at the same time does not hinder light from creeping into your bedroom in the morning. In contrast, if you’re someone who needs pitch darkness to fall asleep and can easily get disturbed by outside light, we highly recommend using drapes that are capable of blocking the light. Remember, this does not mean you need to use thick drapes; as this might cut your wind as well.

A Good View Vs Distraction in the Home Office

Your home office is the space you need to have your concentration skills at its best. As a rule, most home designers opt to keep this place well lit up, allowing both natural and artificial lights to play a key part. This is mainly due to the fact that adequate light helps you be more productive and creative at your work. However, if your source of natural light is facing a busy neighborhood, chances are that there may be many distractions out there keeping your attention from work. Installing quality drapes that allow you your sunlight, but at the same time blocks the view if you so choose to, is your best option. If you’re based in Australia, then Nu Style Shutters Perth is worth giving a look into.

Using the Natural Light to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

You probably have come to notice this already, but natural light has its way of making people feel welcome to a space. If your aim is to make your living room and guest room (as well as the common half bath generally used by your guests) feels welcoming to your guests, then again, we suggest you make sure drawing in the sunlight is part of your plan. Apart from using mirrors to distribute said light, take care with the colors you choose for these areas. Use calming and cheerful colors for maximum results.