Tips for Upgrading Your Home Entertainment System

Every home needs a “wow” factor that will make every visitor’s jaw drop and make the lives of its residents better. While some focus on their outdoor space or the architecture to enhance the look and feel of their living spaces, why don’t we look into upgrading the entertainment unit of our humble home to transform it into a dorm of sheer pleasure and relaxation!We have shared a few simple yet effective pointers that will help you achieve this goal, without breaking the bank.

Invest in A Projector

If you have a dedicated cinema room and usually entertain crowds of more than just a couple of people, nothing will boost up your viewing experience like a projector, and it will cost a lot less than mega sized TV unit.

You will of course have to create the right atmosphere inside the room by making it darker and setting up the perfect screen on which to watch your favourite movies. You will also have to figure out how you are going to control the projector and where it is going to be positioned.

Installing it on the ceiling will be the best way to go, because this way you can eliminate the hassle of running many long cables along the floor (tripping hazard averted!) and no shadow will be casted on the screen nor your fun filled evening by anyone walking across the room.

Mount Your TV

Why rest your all-important TV on boring old furniture when you can fix it to a wall mount to enjoy the luxury of a cinema, right at your home-space? Investing in a state of the art wall mount will significantly improve your viewing experience by keeping out the glare from the sun, offer a much more comfortable posture on the couches and seats and the space you free up on the furniture will offer plenty of area to place some ornaments to liven up the place.

If you manage to purchase the perfect wall mount, but lack the expertise to set it up in the most ideal manner, contact an expert in your area to do it for you. They will place it in the most ideal position and make your life easier.

Upgrade Your Audio System

If you’ve been using your TV’s in built-in speaker to watch movies all this time, switching to a dedicated audio system will open your ears to some true bass sounds you’ve only heard in cinemas before! A wireless soundbar capable of distributing sound evenly across the room will considerably improve the overall experience for you and your loved once.

If you can spare a few more dollars, do not hesitate to invest in a full 5.1 surround sound system. A matching set of speakers and an amplifier and receiver will do wonders to your entertainment system, while also providing you with enough and more HDMI ports to connect multiple sources. This will certainly take up space in the room, but the value addition will be far greater and you will notice the difference instantly.