Tips for Letting More Natural Light into Your House

Dark homes waste electricity, run up energy bills, and can just be depressing to live in. Our bodies are wired to respond to natural light during daytime. Most parts in Australia are sunny, so the interior of a home should never be dark. Here are some tips for increasing the amount of natural light that comes into your home:

Go for Transparent Doors

The doors keep intruders out and also cast long shadows when the sun is out. You can increase the amount of light that comes into a room by switching the wood or the metal for glass. The material isn’t ideal for privacy, but it would work perfectly to lighten up areas in the house that’s already enclosed. You can increase space as well with glass sliding doors. Glass doors are great for allowing the natural light inside living rooms and kitchens.

Invest in Skylights

One of the best ways to naturally brighten up a room is a skylight. You can install one right into your room easily enough. Skylights eliminate the need to use any artificial light during daytime. And at night, it would beautifully show off the stars. Skylights are great additions for bedrooms, reading rooms, and upstairs observatories.

Use Partially Opaque Material in Rooms

Instead of using wholly opaque material like wood in the home for windows and panels, use a partially opaque treated glass material. You will get some sunlight insider the room, and the thick semi-opaque material will protect your privacy well enough. You can use semi-opaque material in your bathroom to increase space and sunlight, for example.

Make Windows and Doors Larger

This may require a remodel, but it would be worth it. If the rooms inside the home are dark even when the windows are left open, consider making windows larger. The same goes for doorframes. The larger the opening is, the more sunlight that would pour into the home. If you have privacy concerns, you can install curtains as well. Light, airy curtains are great for the summer months.

Choose Light Colours Inside

Dark tones inside rooms would just absorb the natural sunlight. Lighter colours complement the natural light and even enhance it. Choose light wall paint and furniture tones to boost the brightness inside rooms during daytime. You can use highlights in dark tones, but don’t generally overuse dark tones as it can dull its effect.

Add Transoms

A transom is a miniature arch-like window that usually sits above doors and windows. Transoms are useful for keeping rooms bright and filled with light without opening the doors or windows. You will require a bit of remodelling adding transoms. But once these are in, it would permanently lighten up a bedroom or a living room.

Last but not least, don’t forget the garden aspect of the issue. You will need to keep trees and tall bushes in front of windows well-trimmed to make sure nothing outside is interfering with the light when it reaches your windows. These tips should allow you to have a charming home full of natural light.