The Various Benefits of Installing Water Fountains

A drinking fountain or a water fountain provides potable water. They are easily seen because of the noticeable basin and spout and are strategically placed in public places such as educational institutions, libraries, government offices, parks, etc. These water fountains vary in height; some are installed on a lower height to accommodate children and those people of determination, also usually installed near a wheelchair ramp.

Obviously, installation of water fountains help encourage drinking water since there is a nearby source for those who are thirsty, dehydrated and those who tend to forget drinking the recommended eight glasses of water every day. No need to run to the canteen or the nearest vending machine to quench your thirst and to rummage for change in your purse. Water availability would no longer be an issue and drinking water would be a no brainer.

Water Fountains Discourage Drinking Soft Drinks

Water fountains installed in schools and universities give the students a choice whether to just drink water for free or to buy soft drinks or other carbonated drinks that are unhealthy. Given the choice, students would choose to save their allowances to buy other interests than buy drinks since they have access to free water.

Water Fountains Eliminate the Use for Disposable Plastic Bottles

Since there is a free drinking water fountain within the vicinity, students and employees would not have a need to buy bottled water anymore. They would either use their sports bottles, tumblers and or mugs to get water from the fountain thus lessening the accumulated garbage of plastic bottles that are harmful to our environment.

Water Fountains Are Flexible

Since they are usually installed in public places, water fountains are flexible in a sense that they could be installed either inside or outside. External water fountains are made to be more durable to withstand outside elements and the wear and tear of being unprotected compared to internal water fountains. Nevertheless, both kinds are functional in providing safe to drink water.

Water Fountains Are Low Maintenance

Water fountains are low maintenance in comparison to water dispensers in a way because the fountains are directly connected to the main water line. There is no more need to be attentive if the gallon of water is already near empty and has to be changed and refilled.

Water Fountains Could Not Be Stolen

This is another advantage water fountains have over water dispensers. Since the fountains are mounted, the chance that they would be nicked is very unlikely. This is also beneficial to those who purchase the units and have them installed since they have peace of mind that their investment is safe and could still be enjoyed by the intended users.

Water fountains are durable and created to sustain and serve busy environments. These are ideal for locations that are constantly frequented by a high volume of people who are in dire need of drinkable water preferably after rigorous activities. Being hydrated contributes to productivity that’s why water fountains are usually found within the vicinity of students, employees and public servants.