The Lifespan Of Window Coverings

Could not decide what to cover your windows with? There are several functions of your window coverings that they should efficiently perform such as being able to give you privacy and maximize sunlight coming in and take advantage of the heat during winter if this is your preference. Aside from being able to give you coverage and assist in controlling the room’s temperature, one of the points you should consider when choosing the kind of window coverings is its lifespan. If you could use it for a longer time, it is worth the money you spend on it.

How Long Do Curtains And Draperies Last?

Curtains, no matter how much you care for them would only last between three to five years. Keep this in your mind the next time you are on the fence if you should buy an expensive curtain or drape. Sheer curtains and drapes typically last for three years only because of their delicate and flimsy material. Lined draperies could last until five years compared to unlined draperies that could only endure for four years. The difference between lined and unlined draperies aside from the lifespan is that lined draperies provide more privacy and insulation.

How Long Do Plantation Shutters Last?

Plantation shutters are the most durable window coverings available in the market. If you are willing to splurge a large amount of money for your window treatments, plantation shutters are the best way to go. They are also versatile and could be installed inside or outside the house. These shutters could last from fifteen to thirty years because they are waterproof, heatproof and without any external reactant that would get the shutters chipped or cracked, could still look as brand new even after several years of use. Plantation shutters are also adaptable even if you change your home’s style it would still go well with your new furniture, color scheme and home accessories.

How Long Does Window Blinds Last?

Window blinds whether horizontal or vertical blinds last for five years only sometimes even less, if one slat is compromised, the whole set needs to be replaced. Getting blinds restrung to replace the slat that is damaged is at times more expensive than buying a new one. Being in direct contact with sunlight is also a contributor to the blinds demise. Plastic blinds that are under the sun for a long time would not only fade in color but would also bend and distorted. But if you are set on purchasing blinds, there are outdoor blinds penrith that is of the highest quality and could last for more than five years.

How Long Do Window Shades Last?

Window shades are similar to window blinds. They need utmost care and attention to reach the maximum years of their lifespan, for window shades it’s up to seven years. Window shades are also not as flexible as other window coverings, especially if the shades’ designs are printed or with colors that are hard to match. This should be one of your concerns in case you ended up redecorating. Pulling strongly on the shades could also cause a tear on the fabric and it is not recommended on homes with children and pets.

Knowing the lifespan of these window coverings could help make you narrow down your choices. Your choice could also not be limited to one kind only. Mix and match, let your creativity shine and make your home an extension of your personality.