Systems To Implement In The House When Having A Baby

Having a baby is one of the most joyous periods of your life, but it can also derail your normalcy quite a bit. Those regular duties you tended to pre-baby? You’ll hardly find the time to see to them. Maintaining them while not missing out on the best parts of being a mother is quite the challenge. To help smoothen the chaotic process a little, here are some household systems you can have in place:


When caught up in the rush of parenting, with the many sleepless nights and restless, noisy days ahead, you’ll find that paying your bills might just very well slip your mind! Fast-forward two or three months, your bills have accumulated and you have your credit card company, phone company, etc. calling you up. Save yourself the hassle of physically going out of the way to pay bills and set up an automated paying system using your checking account. You can also settle for your utility bills to be paid using a credit card and have your credit settled through your checking account.

Instant Meals

When the days begin to sap every bit of energy and you haven’t had a wink of sleep, who has the time to stop and prepare a whole meal? No, you need to prepare in bulk. Some parents have even had freezer meals made for two months’ worth. Remember, it’s fine to do this but keep an eye on the quality of your food and have them stored for only as long as healthily possible. Also stock up on pantry staples and other one minute meals like minute made rice, canned soups, instant potatoes, etc.


Obviously, you can’t maintain the house to the condition it was in pre-baby. Instead, give yourself a very basic cleaning schedule where you focus on the areas most prone to mold. This includes the toilet, sinks, kitchen, garbage, and laundry. Thorough dusting of cupboards and cabinets will have to be put on hold- frankly, you won’t have the time to even consider doing it. To prevent any spillage or stains on the walls when preparing food that will have you wondering when you could possibly have time to repaint, make sure to invest in a splashback. You can opt for a same day installation with minimum hassle. Take it where you can get it.


Make an inventory of necessary household supplies that you’ll be shopping for pre-baby. You don’t want to be hit with limited supplies at an inconvenient time, so by keeping an inventory, you’ll be able to plan out your grocery runs. Necessities you’ll have to keep an eye out for include cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, diapers, toilet paper, body wash etc. Once the baby comes along, you’ll be amazed at how fast these finish up.


Using a planner to stay on top of your payments and errands helps you keep track of things in what is predominantly a chaotic life. If you’re one who hates living in such disarray, keeping a planner might offer little comfort.

These are the best household processes you’ll want to start implementing both right before and once your baby comes along. It’ll make your life far easier.