Meeting Rooms For Hire What To Consider Before Making The Leap

Today’s business climate is one in where meetings are held in just about every corner of the universe, some intense and some informal chats where major business happens to be the focus of the conversation. At this point, the meeting room seems to be slowly slipping into the past simply because technology has it made it possible for businesses to carry on serious discussions online. However, in the present, the meeting room is a very relevant part of today’s business and reserving an appropriate one will be based on the meeting’s purpose and the needs of the audience.

The conundrum for today’s professionals is that meeting rooms for hire come in all shapes and sizes and offer a variety of features. Knowing which features will best suit your meeting can remove some of the difficulties with finding meeting room space, which in some offices is very valuable. Your meeting in any of Australia’s corporate enclaves can be fit out to your customised demands, but before signing on the dotted line, consider a few factors.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors to consider when reserving meeting rooms.


While cost might seem like an obvious consideration, it’s usually a matter of budget, so when looking for a space, the cost is still a very important consideration. Pay attention to what is included in the cost of reserving space because if you ask coordinators to arrange the room a certain way or to provide water or other snacks there more than likely will be a charge. These additions can drastically influence the price of the reservation.


When reserving space to meet, consider the types of amenities that go along with the room. Many rooms come complete with all of the latest technologies, which include smart stations and video-conferencing capabilities. The chance is you might not need all of these amenities based on the purpose of the meeting, so to trim costs consider doing away with amenities that might increase costs.


Another important consideration to make when reserving meeting rooms space is related to the profile of the attendees. If the meeting is for staff members, a place that conveys a professional business environment might suffice. Alternatively, if presenting to potential clients, then you probably want to go with a space that exudes more polish like premium board and meeting rooms. Finally, if having to use any media, meeting rooms that contain smart stations and are more functional are of import.


Meeting location is very important, especially if your office is in an urban centre. Attendees who have to travel across town might not appreciate having to circumnavigate mid-day traffic to get to the building. When reserving meeting room space, consider a location that is centrally located, so if people do have to travel it is not too far a distance or an inconvenience.

Other Options

Based on the type of meeting you are having, you might not even have to meet in a physical building. As stated previously, the modern office has evolved to provide business alternatives to achieving one goal. If the meeting involves a small group, consider the video conference as a way of communicating information. Furthermore, something has to be said for the benefits of the traditional breakfast, lunch, or dinner meeting, which can be equally as effective. In essence, meeting room space, especially in the CBD, can be expensive unless this feature is a part of your office lease, so finding alternatives might be a more appropriate option.

Make The Leap

The best solution to any meeting room dilemma is going through a serviced office provider who can fit out your meeting, in many cases, in the appropriate manner. These organisations have a good idea of how to organise space so it can more effectively meet the needs of the organisers. Furthermore, many of these providers can fit out your meeting in world-class accommodations around the city.