Match Your Furniture with the Wall Colours

The colours you choose to decorate your house with plays a huge part in not only completing your overall interior design but also the mood within the house. That is why it is important to think of colours of your furniture and not just their material and price when you are buying them. Take a look at the tips below to see the furniture that matches the colours on your wall.

White Walls

White walls are a huge trend in contemporary interior designing. You can try many colours when choosing your furniture as your white walls give you a blank canvas look to the interior of the house. If you want to go for a cleaner look and is decorating a smaller space, try white furniture on white background. You can use cushions, curtains and other decors of other colours or patterns to add texture. You can also go for wooden tones as it can add a unique look to the place and can make it look sophisticated. Since your walls are white you can always try to add more colours other than neutral colours if you want a more vibrant and bring focus to the foreground.

Blue Walls

Blue is a great colour to choose if you want to create a relaxed mood around the room and let you put your feet up and relax. A blue background also gives you a chance to pick some of the unique colours for the rest of your decorations. So if you are choosing furniture for blue walls, you can go for colours such as gold, pink, brown, lime green or mustard when picking your furniture. These colours add a dramatic colour contrast to the room when combined with a blue background, giving it a joyful vibe.

Grey Walls

Grey is a neutral colour and therefore will allow you to match it with many other colours. But because of its dull nature, you need to be careful when picking out the furniture because even though some colours match with grey, they tend to make the overall vibe in the room gloomy or boring. Going for a more vivid colour palette when picking your furniture and the rest of the décor can help to avoid that. However, if you want to add a minimalistic look you can still pick more neutral shades such as white, off-white or even black.


Pink is another colour that is being frequently used in modern home décor. From being used as a colour only limited to girls’ rooms, it is not being used to decorate many places including the living rooms. Colours such as green, mustard, blue, grey and gold are some of the colours you can opt for when picking the furniture as these colours mix well with pink and still help to retain the calming feeling that is brought to the space with a pink background.

Green Walls

Just like blue, green is another cool colour and gives you the freedom to experiment with many other unique colour palettes and is one of the colours that are easier on the eye. Navy blue, pink, purple, brown, gold and ref are some of the colours that match with green the best and help to add to the serene atmosphere that is created with green walls. You can also pick colours such as white or off white if you want to bring focus to the foreground.

Choosing the right coloured furniture can help you to complete the overall look and the feeling you are trying to create in your home. Therefore, remember to pay attention to the colours too when you are shopping for new items for your place.