Keeping Your Kitchen Fresh and Stylish

Let us discuss the very concept of integrated or unified refrigeration to start off with. As kitchens have become more and more modern looking and stylish they have had the need to couple themselves with stylish and equally modern appliances. No modern kitchen would look complete without an integrated fridge. It really does take the class of your kitchen to a whole different level. These handy and sleek fridges come with the ability to basically blend or “camouflage” themselves into the colour and design of your pantry and this is where the magic starts.

How Do They Blend In?

The camouflage effect comes with how you can customize the cabinetry panel placed on the face of your integrated refrigerator. Whether it is a stainless look your pantry has been refined with or a simple mahogany effect these panels would be able to come with panels of similar texture and design. They would have the same physical look and really make it impossible for most people to distinguish between a normal cabinet and a refrigerator. The depth required for these panels that seem to magically make your refrigerator disappear is a mere 25”. The minimum depth required has kept on reducing over the years somewhat following the introduction of much slimmer TVs and phones.

They Come In Various Sizes and Configurations

They really do. With products from established brands taking the technology of integrated refrigeration to whole new heights, there has been an introduction of various sizes, designs, and configurations for homeowners. Things have never looked this “cool” for kitchen customization. Pun intended. Undercounted options are especially popular in households as they give easy access to everyone in the house including your kids. Widths now come in a range of 24” to 36”. It all depends on what look or style you are going for and the capacity you want your refrigerator to have. A refrigerator acting as a mini-bar for example would not have the same capacity as one used for storing food items and groceries.

Does It Serve Its Purpose?

You could definitely say it does. Modern integrated refrigerators not only look visually appealing but are also very efficient in what they do, and this is of course preservation. These refrigerators now come with smart technology which identifies your temperature preferences and optimizes their temperature according to the time of day. Fast-freeze modes allow you to cool your groceries very quickly when necessary and you even get icemakers with filters to ensure your ice is all clean. Humidity control is another impressive feature found in these modern appliances where it automatically identifies the type of food that you are storing and adjusts itself accordingly.

Surpassing All Competition

This is the main reason that integrated refrigerators have far outshone their clumsy inefficient predecessors in terms of design, look and efficiency. Normal conventional fridges are now moving out of the market as most homeowners feel that they do not add enough value addition to their kitchens and add no element of surprise or quality in terms of their design. As these products keep on reaching new heights it is only a matter of time until they become an integral part of all our kitchens.