Important Tips for Home Maintenance

Maintaining your home is not just about cleaning it or repairing damaged parts. There are many other things to take care of if you want your home to be in good condition for a long time. Looking for ways to ensure that your house looks as new as the day you first started living there? Take a look at the tips below to see how you can do it.

Repair and Replace

Repairing alone will not suffice when it comes to ensuring the quality of your house. Look for places that needs repairing. This goes for leaking taps, creaking door hinges or knobs, leaks in the ceiling or the roofs etc. But if repairing alone will not fix the damage, you will have to replace the item with a new one.

Remove Water Stains

Leaks can often lead to unflattering water stains, especially on ceilings or walls. Not only will this ruin the overall appeal of the house but can also ruin your paint. Spray a 10% bleach to water mix on them and leave for twenty-four hours. This mix is known to remove most of the water stains.

Patch Up Your Walls

When you change the position of mirrors or pictures, they can leave some ugly holes on your walls. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t change the position of any wall hanging to keep protecting your walls. To cover up these, you can get some spackle from ha hardware store and fill the holes.


Vacuuming is important to remove dust and pet hair from your flooring, especially if you have rungs or carpets decorating your floors. Also remember to vacuum and clean include the vent at the back of your dryer (after removing it) and the refrigerator coils.

Watch Your Wallpaper

Wallpaper tend to come apart at the seams after some time. If you see this happening, make sure to seal them again immediately before the rest of the wallpaper come apart. However, if your wallpaper is too old and faded, or torn at places, you can try replacing it.


Another way to ensure the good looks of your house is to repaint the walls that needs it. Paint tend to come apart sometimes due to water stains and leaks or even get faded after years and years of exposure to sun. To bring add a new look to the place you can try repainting your walls to a new colour.

Pest Control

No matter how many times you repair and replace the parts of your house, if there are rodents such as rats running freely across your floors, the damages to your property is inevitable. You can call in for a pest control service to get rid of these animals to make sure there is no more property damage.

We all tend to look for the common areas such as electricity or plumbing or taking care of furniture and curtains etc., when it comes to house maintenance and tend to forget some of the other important areas. Keep the above tips in mind too when you are taking care of your house so that you will have the perfect living conditions for you and your family.