How to Upgrade Your Home Swimming Pool?

Have a swimming pool that’s outdated in design? You can still improve the looks and the feel of the pool without going for a full remodel. Here are several suggestions for improving the swimming pool at your house without having to take out a loan:

Light Up the Pool Area

Make your pool eye-catching beautiful by installing LED lights. You can install waterproof light fixture in the pool, which would make the water dance with colours. You can also place LED bulbs or fairy lights in the pool area, such as over trees. The area would be a incredible sight at night when all the bulbs are lit. If you are hosting a pool party or have guests over, then you can use the light show to truly impress them. Good light fixtures are also necessary to keep the pool well lit when you swim at night.

Add or Improve the Water Heating for the Pool

Is your swimming pool a heated pool? If not, why shouldn’t it be? A heated pool is one of the finest luxuries in life. You can go in for later night swims or enjoy dipping in the pool even in winter. Unfortunately, many homeowners skip on heated pools because of the associated costs. While it isn’t so costly to install a heating system, pumping hot water into the pool can seriously drive up energy costs. But you can save money by installing a local solar hot water system Sydney for your pool. The pool can then be heated independently from the grid without accruing additional costs. If you install a photovoltaic power system for your home, then don’t forget to install the pool. This is one of the easiest ways to save money on a heated pool.

Include a Fire Pit

Instantly increase the functionality of the pool area by installing a small fire pit as well. It won’t cost a lot of money. You can buy fire pits online for less than $100. You can use furniture at home to create a cosy atmosphere. A fire pit by the pool is cosy beyond belief. You can also now combine pool parties with bonfires. Your entire backyard or pool area can be enhanced with a fire pit plus a pool. So give this idea some serious consideration.

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Get a Stand-Alone Sauna

It is the ultimate pool area upgrade. Combine your pool with a sauna to dramatically improve leisure time. Home saunas do not actually cost a lot of money as long as you by the sauna separately as a stand-alone one. Stand-alone saunas do not require physical alterations to install. There are affordable models these days made especially for homes that you might be able to benefit from. There are innovative options to choose from as well, such as wine barrels repurposed as saunas. You can choose a bespoke model as you like and give your pool a major boost.

In addition to the above, consider making structural improvements to the pool as well. For starters, you can replace an old pool pump with a newer model that works faster. You can also install automated pool skimmers if you like. Take all this into consideration to upgrade your pool.