How to Set Up a Home Bar?

When you are entertaining guests, few things are more useful than a bar that is set up in your own home. It certainly adds to the entire atmosphere of the event and lets you be a much better host as well. If you have decided that this is something that you want, you may not be entirely sure how to go about the process. Well, not to worry, here you will find all the help that you need in figuring out how to create a space that is both chic and functional.

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Find the Perfect Storage Space

So, first things first, you are going to need one or more drinks cabinets to get started with. After all, this is where all of the drinks will be stored so, this will become the focal point of your bar space. Now, just how much space will be entirely up to you. Some people prefer to only keep their bottles here while others want more options. For instance, if you want to keep glasses, ingredients, and shakers in the same spot, then you are going to need some organisation. In these instances, you should consider a cupboard that has drawers or different sections where you can keep everything neatly.

Think About the Layout

The next thing you will have to determine is how to arrange the furniture around the bar space. Do you want people to sit close to where the refreshments are or would you rather them walk over? If you don’t mind the chairs being positioned near the bar, then you will need to set up the cabinets in a wide open space. This way, guests will be able to gather around without feeling stifled. If you don’t want the bar to be at the centre of things, then you can find a corner to set it up in, allowing easy access for everyone.

Get Stylish Glassware

It isn’t just about what you are serving up, it is also what you are serving your drinks in. If you want to add an interesting touch to cocktails, think outside the box for glassware. You will just need to ensure that they have a stable base and they are comfortable to hold in your hand. You don’t just have to stop with the glasses, though. You should also get beautiful, creative decanters, cocktail shakers, ice buckets, and more.

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Don’t Forget About Additional Appliances

As you know, a lot goes into a cocktail. This means that you will need ice, fresh juices, fruit, etc. on hand. Unless you want to keep walking up and down, it is best to have a mini refrigerator installed near the bar where you can store all of the ingredients that you need. If you want to take things up a notch, having a wine cooler around will also be a nice touch. This way, you can ensure that the wine is perfectly chilled but not overly cold.

There is actually a lot of thought and organisation that goes into setting up a bar, even if it is in your own home. Fortunately, you now know how to do it.