How to Remove Common Stains Caused By Kids

Kids with their boundless energy and a limitless supply of curiosity end up being parent’s headache when they clean up the messes after. Constantly following them around and asking them to behave suppresses their eagerness to explore and stuns their creativity. Here are some tips for removing stains from various areas.

Permanent Marker

When kids get their hands on this marker is a cause of panic since from the name it produces indelible ink that is permanent once used to write something on a surface. Still, removing this stain is possible.

On clothes: Use hairspray especially those with higher alcohol content. Place the garment on a flat surface and put a clean cloth underneath. Best to use hairspray that comes with a pump instead of a spray. Use a cotton ball with the hairspray to dab on the ink. Some of the ink would transfer on the cotton ball and the cloth underneath the garment will also help absorb the ink. Milk could also be used. Simply soak the garment in a bowl of garment especially the part with the stain and leave it overnight. Wash the garment as instructed.

For furniture, remove permanent marker from benchtop by using alcohol. Open your liquor cabinet and scour for a bottle of bourbon. Or any liquor that is above 80 proof. Wet a clean cloth with the liquor and wipe the benchtop with it. Toothpaste with baking soda and the trusty and reliable WD-40 works well too.


Mud stains are not only caused by raucous kids. Sometimes it is caused by naughty pets too!

On clothes: Let the mud dry up as much as possible. Once it is caked, it would be easier to scrape it off. Rub detergent on the stain and let it sit for 15 minutes. Get a toothbrush, apply more detergent and brush the stains on both sides of the clothes. Machine wash the garment as instructed.

On carpet: Muddy foot and paw prints are a nightmare! But similar to clothes, clean-up is a breeze. Let the mud dry as well, scrape as much as you can then vacuum the carpet. Clean the stain with a steam cleaner or with a wet cloth with dishwashing detergent.  Once the stain is gone, rinse the detergent from the carpet by dabbing alternately with a damp and dry cloth.

No matter how creative and artistic your child is, painting their masterpieces on their shirt or the walls could be upsetting. Once you have removed the stains, teach your kid that their artistic streak should be confined on a paper or canvas. Unless you are redecorating and would want to have a “freedom wall” or planning on starting a t-shirt business.

On clothes: Depend on the type of paint. Water-based paints are easier and you could start by flushing it out. Put the garment under running water and held it there until the water turns clear. As for oil-based paint, washing it with the use of dishwashing liquid is best. Machine wash after as appropriate.

Chaos and mess is part of every normal childhood. What you now consider mayhem would turn into a lovely and funny memory the family would surely talk about during dinner in the years to come.