How to Protect Your Home from Unwanted Guests

Every home no matter how much loved and cared for will experience having “unwanted guests”. Homeowners are mindful of critters and bugs that often undesirably invade residences. Infestation is unsanitary; some of these pests are carriers of diseases, not to mention their bites itchy, their stings painful and could trigger allergies, while others are just plain annoying.
In order to stop an infestation and prevent the pests from coming back, first determine the reason why these pests made a home out of your home.


Termites are sometimes called white ants but their species are more related to cockroaches. Like bees, termites live in a colony with workers and fertile queens making it one of those pests that are hard to exterminate due to the high number of its population. The termites known food source is wood, making it a problem among homeowners. Since wood is used for structural framing, in the ceilings, walls, floors, cabinets, cupboards and doors, every house is at risk. Fortunately there are several ways to keep your house termite free. If you are still scouting for a house, invest in the services of timber pest inspectors to check if there are termites in the nooks and crannies of your prospective house and once you move in, have your house inspected annually to avoid major renovation in the structural integrity of your residence. Don’t be lax and think that termites would not be able to survive in your area because it is either too hot or too cold. You can hire a building inspector orange in New South Wales, Australia to carry out an inspection to see if there are termites in your house. Because this kind of pest is often detected a bit too late and can cause a lot of damage.


Being around for million years, cockroaches became the most adaptable pest. With 4,000 species alive, cockroaches are everywhere but mostly where humans are since they prefer warm environments and human residence always have food and water. But cockroaches are also carriers of different kinds of bacteria, germs and could contaminate food. In some cases, these pests could also trigger asthma attacks especially in children. Cockroaches prefer living in dark, wet areas. Make sure every part of your house is able to receive sunlight by opening your windows in the morning. Keep your bathroom and kitchen dry at all times. Your cupboards and drawers where food is stored should always be clean and dry and avoid keeping trash especially with scrap and leftovers inside the house.


“Don’t let the bedbugs bite”. We have heard this countless time and we thought its just one of those cute little sayings we repeat when saying good night. But for those who have an epidemic of these nasty insects that live off on blood, sleepless nights and itchy welts are normal. As opposed to cockroaches, bedbugs don’t like heat. They prefer cold environment like the bedroom, typically in mattresses, headboards and bed frames, hence the name for these pests. Since bedbugs move very fast, it is hard to catch them or exterminate them without the help of a professional.


Having pests might be unavoidable but mercifully there are numerous ways for preventive measures and remedies. What’s important is that we stay vigilant to protect our important investment, a roof over our family’s head.