How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive?

In the ever-changing, complicated world of interior decorating, knowing the basics and keeping up can give your home that modern, expensive edge. Those households you find yourself envying in those magazines you read? Don’t worry too much about it, it would be nearly impossible to keep such pristine, immaculate rooms twenty-four/seven. There is no harm, however, in learning a few tips that can give your house that edge you’re looking for. Read on for more!

Highlight Uniqueness

Each object is important. It can give the room more texture and at times can even add a rich depth by being able to tell us a personal story. To highlight uniqueness, go for antique, handmade (even quirky) objects that can range from furniture to décor. This gives off a one-of-a-kind feel and highlights a bit about your own personal preference and style. Not to mention those unique, rustic characteristics of the object really make your room pop.


Lighting plays a major role in giving the room character. Think of them as statement pieces-jewelry- that decorate your ceilings and walls. While larger fixtures give off a more grandiose feel you don’t need them to get that expensive look. Smaller fixtures, such as the wood pendant light, do the job just as well by giving the room a dainty yet sophisticated appeal.

Arrange Your Bookshelves

Nothing gives off a more polished and refined edge than having towering, ceiling-to-floor bookshelves that are jam-packed with books. However the size of your bookshelf is only half the issue, you still need to arrange your books thoughtfully. Arrange them in groups of twos and threes and mix up your heights, colors and material. It helps to stand back and take a look at your work (the bigger picture) every once in a while since you want each shelf to look balanced and coordinative rather than cluttered and thoughtlessly packed.

Timeless Over Trends

It helps to embrace the imperfection in a space. By this, we mean surfaces that have worn out over time to give the room a rather rich and dynamic depth. Always go for timeless over trends. Trends change and are short-lived but timeless gives a more natural look.

Styling Your Bed

Incorporate layers for a casual yet refined look. For example, you can go for a white sheet, patterned coverlet for a pop of color and a white duvet folded at the end of the bed. If the frame of your bed is more towards the grandiose side of the spectrum, you can keep things simple and go for a one-color scheme.

Wall Art

A great way to upgrade your room and give it an expensive aura is to get your hands on some wall art. But it doesn’t stop there. No, you have to make sure that it’s well-framed so that it’s able to stand alone and speak for itself. Trust us; this final tip is crucial for getting that look you want.

Looks easy, doesn’t it? Follow these simple tips and you’ll have your home looking expensive in no time.