How to Choose Curtains and Drapes for Your Windows

If you are choosing curtains and drapes for your home, you should know that this is a big part of what will complete the look that you want to create or the mood that you want to set. There is enough and more choice when it comes to curtains so make sure that you follow these tips and find one that is suitable for your home and your purpose as well.

The Choice between Privacy and Lighting

If you are choosing curtains for your bedroom, for example, you may want to think about how much privacy you need. To make sure that outsiders do not get to see everything inside your room, you may need to choose a heavier fabric. In a common area like a living room, you should always aim to allow more sunlight in and therefore choose lighter and more transparent fabrics that will add to the open feel of the area. Remember that when it comes to lighting you should also consider using natural colours in areas that are open to a lot of sunlight as it can fade darker colours much faster and that may not exactly look great.

Buy From Reliable Places

You can look for the perfect curtains in Penrith or any other area online or in physical stores but make sure that you buy from reliable sellers who have a reputation for quality. You may not want to see that your curtains and drapes have shrunk after washing them or that their colour has bled over everything else that was in the washing machine. Depending upon the type of curtains and drapes that you have chosen you may also need to either hand wash or dry clean them so that the fabric is not harmed in the process.

How to Take Measurements

Curtains if mounted correctly will enhance the beauty and the décor in the area and even help to make the room feel and look bigger. Hanging curtains or drapes in a way that they are closer to the ceiling especially, will make your room look bigger. When you buy them, measure the height from the rod to the floor before you hang the curtains. Remember that you also should account for the height of the rings or the hanging paraphernalia that is used as well as the amount of space that you need between the curtains and the floor.

If you want to create a draped look your curtain fabric should be 3 times wide as the actual window and for a tailored look you need it to be 2 times the width. For short curtains the hem should just brush the window sill. For full-length short curtains the hem should lightly brush the floor. There is also a style knows as ‘breaking the floor’ where the hem hangs one or two inches over the floor and the final style is known as ‘pooling over the floor’ where the curtains are draped at about two inches over the floor.