How Do You Reduce a Company’s Carbon Emissions?

When it comes to reducing carbon emissions, there’s a lot businesses can do. Some of the easiest and best tips are discussed below. Read ahead.

Supply Chain

Look at your supply chain. Unfortunately, you may be wasting money, resources and energy on operations that are inefficient. 

Ask suppliers if they track how much greenhouse gases they produce. Switch to suppliers that don’t have that big of a carbon footprint. Thankfully, most large suppliers are working towards reducing carbon emissions, as they know how important it is to be environmentally friendly these days.

Reduce Energy Use

A good chunk of your emissions may be coming from the energy you use. Find ways to cut energy consumption. You’d not only help the environment, but you’d also be reducing costs.

An easy place to start is by switching the light bulbs in your workspace. Go for more energy efficient appliances too. Also, you probably are working with a web hosting company. Switch to one that is green. You might think these small changes won’t do much. However, the EPA has specified that over 1.5 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions a year could be prevented if every office in the US became energy efficient (ENERGY STAR certified).


Let’s say you need a heater or generator for a project. Go with one that uses hydrogen fuel. More and more businesses are these days are, as hydrogen is a very green fuel. We’ve known this for a while. But using hydrogen wasn’t very popular as many thought it was expensive. Thankfully, its costs have come down.


Anytime someone in your office throws away a straw, cup, plastic bag or packaging made from plastic, there would be a negative effect on the environment. Know that most plastics are also made from fossil fuels. Get a hold of disposable cutlery, and bottles and cups. It shouldn’t be hard.

By investing in degradable packaging for your products, you’d attract more customers. They’d work with you instead of larger names as you’re helping the environment.

Work Schedule

Driving to and from work every day would result in your employees producing a lot of emissions. You can prevent this by getting them to work from home a couple of days a week. Your employees working from home full-time would be an even smarter choice.

Educate Employees

Train your employees. They would all be committed and know how to reduce carbon emissions in the work-place. You can help them by having webinars and workshops. With everyone involved from top to bottom, only then can a change be made.

Considering there are many ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, the move shouldn’t be too hard. Probably the best thing you could do is work with suppliers that want to be green. You can directly ask them how much greenhouse gases the produce.

Whenever you need heaters or generators, be mindful of the type you choose. Go for ones that use hydrogen, as the fuel doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases.