How Do You Make Your Home Look More Expensive? 6 Easy Tips

As a home owner, you want your home to look its best. As a result, making it look like a million bucks may be a top priority. Such a thing is not difficult to do as there is a range of tips and tricks at your disposal. We’ve discussed them below, so what’re you waiting for? Read ahead.

What About Your Backyard?

If you want your home to look expensive, you’ll tend to its backyard. You need to create an ample living space, which you can do with some great patio furniture. If you visit the thrift store, you can get them for a bargain. You could add a couple of hammocks, giving a more relaxed vibe to the yard.

To make the space pop, some landscaping is a must. It’s also a great idea to paint over anything that needs a fresh coat as new paint always brings things to life.

Be Modern

The easiest way to make your home look expensive is by creating a minimalistic feel. If you’ve learned anything by running through design magazines, it’s that the more contemporary a home looks, the more its price tag is. Such a thing can be done by taking a less is more approach. Of course, furniture shouldn’t be at the bare minimum as this’ll make it less homey, and more warehouse like.


Everyone loves pillows. Not only are they comfortable, the more you have, the more opulent your living space would be. They come in a range of size and colours, so get something that comes in a texture that would pop against the theme you’ve chosen.

Another great accessory that’ll amp your space up is a set of books. They’ll make the space look more refined, and educated. It’ll also add a sense of hominess which is a great contrast against the modern look you’re going for.  

Have A Colour Palette

Why don’t you have a colour palette? Make sure that there’s not too much browns in there, as this would create a more rustic feel, which is not what we want. A great colour choice is grey, blue and black. It’s neutral, inviting and would scream a million bucks. Moreover, there are enough and more shades that come in between them.

Open Your Home Up

You absolutely need an open floor plan. If your home is boxed up, it’ll not look expensive, no matter what you do. You don’t have to knock down all of your walls down, just a few. The best thing is, this won’t even be that expensive as you can do this yourself. All you’d need is a sledgehammer, so get to work.

What Doors Do You Have?

Speaking on opening the space up, think about getting glass, or French doors. They’ll add onto the open feel we want. Moreover, they’re not that expensive to get done, so you’re golden.

Nevertheless, there are more things you could do to your home. However, we ran through the easiest suggestions, so what’re you waiting for?