How Do You Horse Fence Your Property?

Creating a proper fence for your horses takes a lot of planning and considering. We’ve run through all the points that you should keep in mind. Why don’t you read ahead?

Are There Sharp Corners?

Make a plan of the fence’s layout first. Carefully examine its shape, as there shouldn’t be rough corners or edges. The horses could bully others in the corners. Rough edges are also not recommended, as it’d be harder for you to mow the lawn. 

Where Will You Place the Water Trough?

You can’t just place the water trough anywhere; do not place it in corners. When a horse is drinking water, the others would be able to corner it. Placing it in the corner could also result in some horses blocking others from getting to the trough.

Take a Look at Shrubs

Look at where the fence is going to be. There shouldn’t be overgrown shrubs or bushes in the vicinity. You’ll be putting the animals in danger, as they could get entangled in the growth.

The Size of the Vicinity

The fence needs to stretch a large area – horses are large animals. You may have a lot of them too, so the larger the area covered, the better.

Make sure that the material you’re using to make the fences are durable. It would be horrible if they could be kicked down. Speaking of the fence being torn down, get a hold of quality stockade staples too. It’d keep the metal in the fence in place.

Wooden fences in general are advised against. They can get rickety very fast, and they are likely too weak to withstand the brunt of large horses. 

Is There a Pond?

A pond or stream is great for the horses. However, if you don’t take care of it, its presence would be in vain. You’re advised to fence around the body of water, as it could be eroded otherwise.

Place the Shed Carefully

The shed should be placed on high-ground. This would let you drain it better. Preferably, you would place it behind the fence-line. Keeping it behind the fence-line would result in the horses not being able to damage its sides. They are known to chew through the sides of sheds.

By placing the shed behind the fence, the chances of the animals getting stuck behind it are lower too.

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap things up. There is a number of things to keep in mind when fencing your property for horses. From the many discussed, the most important would be the type of material you’re creating the fence with. It should be durable as horses are very strong animals. You’re best off staying away from wood, as the material can get weak very fast.

Make sure that you don’t create a layout that has sharp edges either – there could be corners where horses could bully others. You’re advised against keeping water troughs at the edge because of this too.

So, will you be utilizing the points we discussed?