Family-Friendly Melbourne Suburbs with Great Schools

School choice is one of the primary concerns for families with kids wanting to move to a suburb of Melbourne. A city commute might be too long and tiring for the kids. A neighbourhood school is not only convenient, but is the best option for kids for making friends and staying engaged. Therefore, here are some of the best Melbourne suburbs with excellent school options families can consider:


This suburb is mainly known for its beautiful scenery. When it’s located on the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, how could it not be? This neighbourhood is popular among families with kids and professionals. The neighbourhood has a well ranked co-ed public school. It’s particularly noted for the excellent medical facilities and shopping centres as well. Go ahead and look up homes for sale Upwey if you want to raise kids in a visually spectacular, quiet, and safe neighbourhood.


Bundoora is a very conveniently located suburb that is only 16km away from the CBD. This suburb is super popular with families thanks to large houses and excellent public schooling options. The neighbourhood is also home to a La Trobe University branch. So the area has many college kids too. It may not be as quiet as some families might hope, but the amenities and the scenery makes up for it.

Despite the presence of the college campus, Bundoora is relatively peaceful. There’s not much to speak for a nightlife, so it’s thankfully not a party town. However, there are tons of shopping options and restaurants that families would find just perfect.

South Yarra

If you want to raise a family in a trendy suburb, it hardly gets better than South Yarra. Known as the home for Australia’s old money, the suburb is dotted with historic mansions and sprawling shopping centres. The property prices are some of the highest in Victoria. If you can afford a place here, you will have access to a number of top ranked public and private schools.


Canterbury is another pricey neighbourhood, but it’s got several top ranking schools and educational options that more than justify the price tag on properties. There are both primary and secondary schools that are highly regarded, making this neighbourhood one of the premier suburbs for raising young children in Victoria.

Canterbury is also one of the more pleasing neighbourhoods to live in. It’s got stunning tree lined blocks and roads, plus parks for taking strolls in. The amenities are many as well. Everything is located close by, so some residents don’t even have to drive to go to the supermarket or the local cinema.

Some of the best performing schools in the extended Melbourne urban area is located in the pricier neighbourhoods. The prices can be justified by the choices of schools parents get. These neighbourhoods are also some of the safest to live outside the city.

Parents should consider multiple factors when moving to a suburb with kids. In addition to schools, consider the size of the houses. Other factors such as scenery may also play a role. All in all, the above mentioned suburbs are near perfect for schools and liveability.