Exciting Activities to Try with Kids in Victoria, Australia

Australia’s warm southern state is not without wondrous attractions locals and tourists alike can enjoy. While you might think a cruise through Melbourne is a fun activity to try out, your kids might not. If you are travelling with your brood, don’t worry, there are plenty of things that the little ones will love. Here are several super fun and thrilling activities parents can try out with kids in Victoria:

Visiting a National Park

Victoria is home to several notable national parks in Australia. There are perfectly pro-kid areas that parents can safely tour at. Take your kids on a hike or a safari at one of Victoria’s national parks to enjoy a fun and also a very educational activity. Kids will particularly love places like the Phillip Island Nature Parks where they can observe cute animals like penguins in their natural habitat. Adults can learn a thing or two as well.

Go Out for a Delicious Meal

If it’s a quick and inexpensive outing with the kids you are looking for, then consider going to a family friendly dinner Geelong or Melbourne. These sprawling cities are highly diverse and are filled to the brim is restaurants serving all manner of cuisine. You can try a familiar cuisine like Italian or American, or if your kids are rather adventurous, try something exotic like Filipino or Indian cuisine. In any case, the kids would certainly love spending an evening indulging in delicious dishes.

Visit a Cat Cafe

Do your kids love furry animals? Even if you have pets back home, you can definitely thrill your kids by taking them to one of the many cat cafes in Victoria. There are several notable ones in Melbourne. If you don’t already know, a cat cafe is a lot like a regular cafe, but with pet cats inside. Most cafes allow visitors to pet or feed the cats. The kids can enjoy a meal and play with cute animals at the same time. It’s a great way to spend time with kids if you are strapped for time and cash.

Ride a Heritage Train

Hop on an old train a la “Orient Express” in Victoria with the kids to enjoy the ride of a lifetime. The state maintains a heritage train service that shuttles tourists from village to village. The train will travel across stunning wilderness and over bridges, providing the kids with breathtaking views. The adults can definitely appreciate the activity as well. If you are budding trail lovers, this would be the perfect getaway.

Go to Legoland

A new Legoland opened not so long ago in Melbourne, one of the biggest in the country. If you have hard to please kids 10 years or younger, take them to Legoland to enjoy agreat time together. They will never be bored withthe many toys and gadgets designated for playing. The Legoland is also indoors, so it’s the perfect getaway for all weather conditions.

Try one or two of the above activities to enjoy fun and quality time with your kids in Victoria. There are activities listed above even the pickiest little one can enjoy.