Enhancing Home Interior Design With Fretworks

Adding a new touch to your old home can do wonders in making it look very impressive once again. The good news is that you can have plenty of options to choose from depending on your budget. Are you planning to add classic touches or anything that would make your home modern-looking?  Rest assured that there are many affordable elements that you can make use of just to achieve the decoration or design that you want. The following tips will prove to be very helpful:

Doorways and Corners

Make your doorways and corners hard to ignore. Add some decorative devices by spanning your doorways and corners with fretwork spandrels. Fretworks can be anything from a turned post or a ball-and-spindle work. You can have fretwork designed spandrels hung on a wide doorway in between those spaces inside your home. This will significantly divide the space between your kitchen and your living room. Fretwork spandrels can also be used if you want to hide your modern lighting.

Porch Entrance

Porches and verandas don’t have to look boring and old. You can enhance it by adding some bracket or lace fretwork. Fretworks do a great job in making your home look Victorian in style. However, when it comes to adding fretwork, you need to call on the professionals. This is to ensure the perfect execution of the overall design and balance that you want to achieve for your porch. You need to do your research to be able to find affordable providers of amazing custom fretwork in Melbourne. You may be spending a bit more if you truly want a porch that provides a breathtaking view. This is why you should look for fretwork experts to ensure every cent spend won’t go to waste.


Using vibrant fretwork screens are a wonderful way to divide your bathroom and your toilet or your bathroom and your bedroom. An orientally inspired fretwork screen may work best with the existing interior design that your home has. This fretwork screen that serves as a divider would more likely make your bathroom feel like you’re in a hotel. It adds an aesthetic look and a relaxing feeling knowing that your privacy is never compromised.

Living Rooms

If your living room is open and large, consider zoning in the space by adding some fretwork panels or other furnishings that serve as room dividers. Employ a strategic positioning of your furniture or your sofa so that your spaces will provide a more workable area. Just keep in mind that whatever fretwork you choose, its design should either enhance or lighten up your living room space. Everything has to be according to the overall interior design of your home.


Get rid of that boring and bland cabinetry by replacing them with creative fretwork cabinets. The truth is, there are a lot of ways to energize your kitchen. Place an oriental carpet across your kitchen floor to further justify those Oriental-designed fretwork cabinets. Framed artworks hanging on those empty walls can also make your kitchen look more alive than just a mere space for cooking and preparing your foods.


Whatever type of fretwork furnishings you wish to include in your home, always ask the experts first. Fretworks have long earned a good reputation among Victorian homes. So, if your home is not designed the Victorian way, careful consideration, along with the expertise of fretworks must be employed to ensure that everything is done not just right, but perfectly.