Common Home Decorating Mistakes You Might Have Already Made

The truth is that most people are not happy with the design of their homes. What they do not realize is that in most cases we are faced with just some simple decorating mistakes that can easily be solved. The steps below are very easy-to-implement. Contrary to popular belief, most decorating problems are not as big as to contact professional interior designer or pest control Perth services.

Small Rug

Rugs tend to be quite expensive so it is easy to understand why people opt for the smaller options. Many think about how much they pay but in the event that the rug is small, the floor is broken down into tiny pieces. This makes the entire room seem smaller than it actually is. When the rug is generously sized, the room ends up feeling cozy and lush. The best thing you can do is to opt for the biggest possible size that will fit the room. However, do be sure that you leave around 6 inches of free space around room perimeter.

Furniture Set Far Apart

It is not as easy as it seems to lay out rooms. This is why you hire interior designers. However, one of the really common mistakes is that the furniture pieces end up spread far apart. What you should understand is that you most likely need much less space than what you initially think.

When you do not have the possibility of changing furniture too much at least focus on lighting. Make sure that the room is properly lit as this makes it feel inviting and warm. The room that is not properly fit will instantly feel unflattering and awkward.

Wimpy Curtains

There are many reasons why you decide to add curtains, with privacy normally being the main thing considered. Curtains offer softness and make ceilings look a lot taller, all while adding pattern and color. Do not underestimate fantastic drapery value. Most home owners get it wrong when they hung the curtains way too low. Also, another common mistake is to install panels that are not wide enough based on the windows present.

In most cases the best option is to hang curtain hardware under crown moulding. You only want to change this when the ceilings are very tall. Also, hang hardware brackets wider than windows.

Lack Of Scale

Scale is very important for the design of every single home. However, it is not easy to get things right. Even professional interior designers make mistakes. In order to master stale you need to try different options and study the room before the final decision is made.

When the room is pretty large, it is a very good idea to utilize larger furniture pieces. When the room is small, avoid absolutely all oversized furniture. Also, choose the sofas and the chairs that have straighter, narrower arms. When the big roll arm is used, it is a waste of space. Obviously, there are some exceptions but scale is something that you eventually get to feel.