Brighten Your Home – Ideas and Tips

Having a well lit home is one of the simplest ways to achieve a nice looking house. When you look at all the houses on the Internet or in magazines, one thing that you will notice without fail is how bright they are. This is not just some camera trick or an editing trick. This is actually achievable for your home too. With a few simple tips and tricks you can convert your dingy looking home in to a nice bright home. A well-lit and a bright space not only looks more interesting and beautiful, it also looks more inviting and liveable. Here are some ideas of what you can do to achieve this.

It’s a good idea to install ceiling fans in your living room, dining room and each bedroom, as they are much cheaper to run than air conditioners. The running cost of a fan is around two cents per hour compared to 52 cents per hour for an air conditioner.

Switch to Light Furniture

Depending on the colourof the floor, you will need to adjust your furniture. If you have dark wooden floors or dark tiling for the house, it would be a good idea to look for furniture that is white or cream in colour. You might be worried about maintaining such light furniture, but with the right cleaning equipment you will be able to maintain a nice clean place. Also it is a fact that, one does feel more motivated to keep the place clean when they have everything looking nice and bright.

Look For Nice Lighting for the Entire Home

With the right kind of lighting installed around the home you will be able to have a well-lit house. Make sure that you look for energy saving lights. This is a good idea to save on money in the long run. has some of the most cost effective and stylish options for lighting for your bright and breezy home. You can look for bright LED bulbs which can give you the best bright lighting possible. These are great on the pocket as they save up on energy.

Keep Curtains and Drapes White and Light

Any curtain that allows light to pass though it has the tendency to tint the room. Even a yellow or ivory curtain will be able to give your home a slight yellow hue. To achieve the best bright room, you should consider getting sheer white curtains. This not only looks fancy but will also brighten up the room. Also the light that will pass through it will be bright and light. If you are not a fan of plain whites, you can choose to get bright white with small pastel or soft thread work in a contrasting colour. This will make it a more interesting choice, while doing its job on keeping the space nice and bright.

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Mirror Tricks Are a Great Decor Idea

One of the most interesting yet fancy decor items is a mirror. Not only do they look fancy placed in any room, but they also enable you to make the room look so much bigger than it already is. The room will also be lit up, if you strategically place the mirror across from a window. This happens by the mirror reflecting the light that hits it.