Best Indoor Concrete Floor Finish

There is definitely a lot of flooring option to choose from when looking for an interior flooring material. Before, people use vinyl, hardwood and even carpet in making their indoor floor more attractive. Nevertheless, concrete flooring is the most popular pick because of its durability and hassle-free maintenance and care. Don’t worry since it is not the typical grey concrete. There are plenty of ways to make indoor flooring more beautiful.

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Acid Stain

Acid stain is you’re best choice if you’re looking for a bold and longer-lasting colour that never fades and peels. The key characteristics of an acid stain polish are its mottled appearance and also highly variegated. There are plenty of colour options for acid stain but the popular pick among homeowners are neutral colours such as browns and tans. A neutral flooring colour blends with any colour theme of your furniture and decor.

Water-Based Stain

If you want a flooring option that has a wide range of hues available aside from the subtle ones, a water-based stain is great. They look less vibrant than acid stains however you can choose from a variety of colours, even metallic tints. Unlike the mottled look of acid stain polish, a water-based stain has more colour consistency throughout the floor surface.

Fast Stain

A fast stain polish is commonly used on polished floors. You can observe a flecked appearance and also a highly variegated finish. As the name implies, this technique uses fast-drying concrete stain. It can be used alone or together with an acid stain or a water-based stain.

Acrylic Sealer

Acrylic sealers are commonly used to protect the outer surface of the floor. Aside from providing great protection against water, you can also keep dust and dirt from sticking into the floor surface. Just like the previous options, there are still plenty of colour options to choose from. Acrylic sealers provide a matte finish to your floor unlike acid, water-based and fast stain. To make this type of polish last longer, it is recommended to maintain it with regular waxing.

Standard Epoxy

Standard epoxy finish can only be used in indoor floors only. It is durable and strong – it can actually resist chemicals and abrasions. Standard epoxy finish is perfect to use on areas that have high traffic such as hallways or walkways. Although its colour is plain all throughout the surface, you’ll get to enjoy its lovely glossy look.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is similar to standard however, it is more durable, hard, and offers metallic hues to choose from.

Quartz Sand Epoxy

This type of finish is perfect if you want to make a floor extra strong. They are the most durable among all other finishes and totally resist wear and resistance. Most homeowners use this on their garage.

Whatever type of finish you choose, one thing that makes it last long is proper care and maintenance. Add some class and aesthetics on your indoor floor with these different finishes.