Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Your Home

Clean energy initiatives have been on the rise in Australia in the past couple of years. Solar energy is not only available for companies now, even residences can choose to install panels and batteries. Most homeowners are ambivalent regarding solar power because there are considerable upfront costs for buying the equipment and installation. Still, there are many benefits of solar power that outweigh the costs. Here is a glimpse into a few of them:

For the home, solar power is the most accessible and sustainable renewable energy source available and much less noisy than a wind turbine. Of course, there are pros and cons of installing a solar power system in your home, some of which are further explained below.

Reduce or Completely Eliminate Energy Bills in Your Home

The cool thing about solar power is that once you have the equipment installed, the system functions on its own. That means you are not buying electricity from the government anymore. If your home is fully equipped with solar panels, then you can completely eliminate electricity bills. Most homes choose to partially go solar. Even that considerably reduces solar energy bills.

Solar Panels Work Regardless of the Weather

Yes, solar panels require sunlight to function. And if your area gets daylight, then the solar panels will work. That includes rainy or cloudy days! Technically speaking, sunlight is absent only during the night. Therefore, even fading or diffusing sunlight keeps powering solar energy systems. It will, of course, take longer to power up the batteries on a cloudy day. As long as your area receives at least two hours of sunlight per day, you can rely on solar energy. Even in winter, you can switch between solar and the grid depending on the weather. So it’s a win-win situation all around.

Get Government Rebates

You can get government rebates for solar panels Australia in the 3kW range. You can get about a $1,800 rebate for a system that costs about $6,500. That’s a significant amount of money saved. The rebate matters less if you want a bigger 10kW system. But it’s still some money saved when outfitting your home with a reliable power supply.

Get Profitable Tax Rebates

If you live in Southern Australia, you can get feed-in tariff pays for renewable energy input like solar. That means if your in-home solar panels generate electricity in excess, you can feed it to the grid and enjoy payouts from the government. So not only can you save money by going solar, you can make money as well. Other Australians jurisdictions may have similar tax rebates for solar power. Check with your local government to find out whether having solar panels at your home can be economically profitable for you.

Increase Your Home Resale Value

Homes with PV solar panels are considered more valuable than homes without. Think about it; anyone buying the home will have free energy! You can definitely improve the overall value of your property by installing solar panels. Your home value can shoot up as much as $5,000 per every kilowatt of power of the installed solar system. (The value though will depend on your location and the type of property).

Last but not least, solar power is clean energy. That means you are contributing towards eco-friendliness when you install solar panels in your home. It means you are at the front line of combating excessive greenhouse gas emissions. You can also proudly claim to be someone fighting off fossil fuel dependence.