Are You Sick of Your Existing Bathroom?

We always talk a lot about how important it is to have a laid out and perfectly made bedroom. The need for a comfortable and peaceful personal space is so important not just for your mental relaxation but also for physical relaxation. However, if we really think about it the only other place, we spend so much time is our bathroom. This is probably why many of us love spacious hotel bathrooms with the tub and shower and sometimes greenery made around it.

Something about showering in a fancy space makes us never want to leave it. Once we do come back home and get into our own showers the disappointment is quite real. Well luckily for you though, you do not have to hate your existing bathroom any longer. Here are some foolproof tips and hacks to help you decide how best to renovate your bathroom.

Change fixtures

Once bathroom fixtures are installed, they will probably not be taken out for a very long time. One is because it can be quite expensive to refit fixtures every now and then.  Two is because very honestly no one has the time for it. However, over time bathroom fixtures are prone to staining and discoloration, chipping and even breakage.

So how do you fix this? If you are really keen on changing your fixtures pick a colour that suits the interior colours, but at the same time choose something that will not look grubby over time. Dark colours are ideal for this, as they not only look pristine but also sleek and neat.

Plan the space

If you are redoing a bathroom from scratch then your options are endless. Before you decide what, you want to do with the space, we suggest you do some research. Search for ideas on stylish bathroom renovations in Malvern and other areas close to you before you settle. Plan how best to organize the space, colours schemes and how well it will look in the long term.

Pick a concept

Although people think a bedroom, living room and or any space that people see first are the ones that have to look great that is not always the case. Bathrooms are indeed another place that you could build with a theme or concept in mind.

If you like light filled bathroom building a skylight and having small indoor plants are an ideal way to get some greenery and light. It will make you bathroom spacious and relaxing to be in. however if you prefer something sleek and minimalistic dark coloured tiles and fixtures are great to give off that vibe.


Many accidents happen in a bathroom due to wet floors, slippery tiles and just bad building. Therefor as much as you like to have a magazine like bathroom you should always think of safety and accessibility. Slip resistant tiles and mats, easy to get out of tubs and blunt edged fixtures are some of the things that could be useful when renovating your bathroom.