6 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen starting to look a little shabby at the edges? We all have that dream kitchen in mind but fully renovating might be a little too costly for your taste. That is why you can make use of these simple ways to elevate your kitchen at a lower cost!

Swap Equipment

Quick, easy and efficient- swap out your old equipment for newer pieces to have it looking sleek. It doesn’t cost as much as re-modelling would so it would be quite within your budget. If you feel that you have equipment that’s in need of changing, head on over to layby and peruse at your free will at the products on offer. Go for your appliances one at a time so you have control over how much you’re spending. If you think the hardware in your kitchen too is in need of a little upgrade, give your finishes a brass option (a trendy move that never fails).

Paint Job

Re-painting your cabinets can make all the difference in getting that new, upgraded feel. You can go from colours like a dove grey to a Woodlawn blue, and all it costs is a few tubs of paint, provided you’re willing to do the job by yourself! Incredibly affordable to say the least! You don’t have to paint your cabinet alone, however. You can go for the walls if they feel a little dull in comparison. But make sure that your wall paint complements that of your cabinets!

Open Shelving

Just how much space do you have on your walls? Consider installing some open shelves to fill them up and create more storage space (an issue in any kitchen). This is perfect for showcasing your glass collections or cookbooks and gives the kitchen an air of elegance.


Do you have a damaged countertop that just ruins the effect you’re trying to achieve? If you don’t have the finances to fully restore it, see to cover this section of the countertop with either an oversized cutting board or a slab of marble that will steal the spotlight instead.

Under Rather Than Overhead Lighting

You’ll find that overhead lighting can sometimes bathe your kitchen in a harsh light that’s not too appealing. Consider investing instead in under-cabinet lighting that you can just stick on. This will show off your display pieces while creating a soft yet dramatic lighting effect on your kitchen.

Assess Your Storage Needs

A main reason owner considers the hassle of renovation is due to lack of storage space. And sometimes introducing open shelves on your wall alone doesn’t address that issue well enough. You can then turn to your cabinet space, which also could be improved upon. Is it too cluttered already? Consider investing in graduated shelving inserts, dividers etc. that could very well double your storage space and take care of your problem. But don’t forget to assess what you need beforehand, you don’t want to be going crazy at the store and spending way over your budget!

These are the 6 simplest ways you can upgrade your kitchen without the hassle of seeing to a full renovation. Hope it helps in getting you closer to that dream kitchen!