5 Simple Landscaping Ideas to Keep Your Yard in Check

Relaxing in a well-kept yard is often a privilege most of us don’t enjoy. As much as we love seeing a good yard each day, where do you find the time to put aside for its maintenance? It’s not fun to always spend the free time you have pruning, weeding, mowing etc. Worry not, however, because we’ve got some simple landscaping ideas that will give you the yard you’re looking for with the least amount of effort for maintenance that you can muster!


The more grass you have in your yard, the more you have to worry about regular maintenance and mowing. Similarly, if there’s an overabundance of flower beds, you’ll have plenty of weeding on your hands but with a hardscape? Your maintenance is decreased to just sealing the pavers every few years to stop any weeds from seeping through the cracks. A paved patio with timber pergolas Adelaide overhead would make for quite the sophisticated renovation.

Ground Covers

These are plants resembling that of a creeper’s movements, only spreading over a ground area. For example, these could include plants like Creeping phlox or Red Creeping Thyme, which are perfect as they grow quickly, cover a good expanse of ground and also choke out any weeds that attempt to grow in the area.


You know how you forget to water the plants on occasion? And all it takes is just one missed watering for the plants to wither up. Mulch- rock mulch in particular- is a godsend for gardeners looking for low maintenance in this aspect. Mulch is a substance that retains water and in doing so conserves the soil’s moisture. It even prevents heavy rains from washing away soil and essentially meets almost all of your irrigation needs. Usually, shredded bark is a popular choice but it wouldn’t really work well in a yard as windy conditions would keep sweeping them away and you’ll end up having more to clean.

Native Plants

While exotic plants certainly add that oompf factor to your garden, they desperately need some regular tender, loving care. Native plants are beyond a shadow of a doubt easier to maintain as they’re more durable and capable of handling the conditions in their native country. There’s nothing wrong with native plants! Make the right choices, and your garden will be just as vibrant and stunning. While on the topic of plants, however, even those that you pick out might need more maintenance than the others- for example, if they attract pests or they’re more prone to disease. So make sure you choose less fussy plants to handle.

Automated Irrigation

Installing an automated irrigation system allows you to set regular intervals at which your yard can be watered, whether you happen to be at home or not and therefore, keeping your plant healthy and well-watered at all times.

These are the best landscaping ideas that are guaranteed to give you less work in the long run but near-perfect visual results!