4 Home Maintenance Tasks That We All Miss!

It is only human to miss a couple of home maintenance tasks now and then. With your limited time, tight schedules, and bigger homes, it can be almost impossible to complete all the chores every time. If you keep a list of home maintenance tasks that you need to complete once every week, you should know how tedious it is to go through all of them but truth be told, the ones that you miss can easily come back to haunt you in many ways.

That is why you should keep tabs on the most common and simple tasks, which you miss every time. Although it sounds simple,more common and smaller the task, it is more likely to be missed during your weekly chores. If you are curious enough to know the most common house maintenance tasks that we miss every week, this brief guide will explain them to you, one by one.

Cleaning the Drains

Although it is small, cleaning the drains is one of the most important tasks you need to focus on if you want to maintain a clean house and a well-functioning piping system. To be honest, no one likes this task. It seems disgusting and it can take some time to figure out.

However, clean and clear pipes play a vital role when it comes to the overall cleanliness of your home. Make sure to pour a good amount of water at once to see if it is draining well. If it does not, it is time for you to get your hands dirty. You can hire a professional, of course, but it would save a good amount of money if you know how to get it done all by yourself.

Safety Checks

Checking and ensuring the overall safety of your house is another important task, yet most people tend to miss it. Safety checks include not only having the right locks but also checking the fire extinguishers and other emergency appliances. If you have a separate ventilation system, you should consider carbon monoxide testing as well. The latter, however, will require professional aid and make sure to get these safety checks done at least once every few months to stay safe.

Changing the Air Filters

This is another important and a simple task that most people miss, more often than not. If you have an AC unit at home, you must make sure to change the filters as recommended. Not doing so will not only make your AC unit less efficient but also will create a huge electricity bill at the end. Always make sure to replace or clean the filter as needed.

Sealing the Gaps Around Windows

Again, this specifically relates to you if you have AC units fitted inside your home. Ventilation systems and air-con machines rely heavily on window seals. Not maintaining them make your systems act faster and more rigorously, making them susceptible to failure. Therefore, make sure to keep all the window seals intact and your home will be much more efficient!