3 Simple Ways to Protect Garden Upholstery and Wooden Furniture

People will often spend the summers outside in their gardens and porches or by their pools. Garden furniture is an attractive feature besides being a very practical addition to the garden patio. However, some people are reluctant to invest in garden furniture due to its regular maintenance to fight the inevitable changes from the environment such as accumulation of dust dirt and rust. Learn how you can protect your garden furniture by reading a few tips this article has compiled for you. You will have your upholstery and any wooden furniture looking new for years with these simple maintenance tips.

Remove Any Fabric

If there are any cushions or removable fabric then take these out and throw them in the washing. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully in order to preserve their quality and condition. Allow the fabric or cushion to completely dry before putting them back on the furniture. Slip-on covers will help any cushions that are non-removable.

Cleaning the Upholstery

You have to thoroughly spot-clean the cushions or any upholstery with laundry detergent or dish soap but avoid using any harsh chemicals. Let the soap sink into the cushion and soak it well before completely washing it and use a power washer if possible. After rinsing the upholstery using a hose or a damp towel let it dry. Let the fabric dry completely otherwise there is a chance that they will be affected with mildew. Next step is to apply a fabric protector all over the surface to protect it from any discolouration. Most nice outdoor chairs Australia will have removable cushions that you can replace however, keeping them protected using a fabric protector is the best way to use them for their longest lifespan. Moreover, test the protector that you are using on a similar surface before spraying it on the furniture as some sprays may cause damage or discolouration to your furniture. Reapply the protector at the beginning of the season to minimize damages to the upholstery.

Protecting Wooden Furniture

Wooden garden furniture can also be maintained using this method. Firstly take off any upholstery or cushions from the furniture. Next wash the wood with soapy water and make sure that the furniture is in fairly good condition before you out in the effort or investment on protecting it. Or you may find that your efforts have been in vain if your furniture is rotting or decaying on the inside. Lightly scrub the furniture in the direction of the grain. Let it dry completely and then sandpaper any rough spots once again in the direction of the grain. Paint typically is the best way to protect wooden furniture as it offers a good degree of protection against the UV rays from the sun. Some paints are also protective against water and heat such an oil based sealer. If you get any chips or find any peeling in the furnishings, you will have to reapply a coat of painting once or twice a year. Applying a stain or water repellent will preserve the outer appearance and aesthetics of the furniture.